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Slow It Down ❁ Muke A. U

Slow It Down ❁ Muke A. U

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c ya By courtxmae Updated 5 hours ago

Just on the other side of the bathroom door, thudding club music threatens to break inside the semi quiet place. Sticking his shaky hands under the faucet, Luke glances into the mirror to see pastel purple panties resting against bony ankles.

Gulping and admiring the slender legs, Luke can't help but let one question come to mind: I thought this was the men's restroom?


Pastel purple panties is all Luke can seem to think of. He can't get those slim legs and green eyes out of his mind, no matter how hard he tries. But he can't seem to wrap his mind around the fact that he's so attracted to someone like Michael. 

Someone who doesn't know how to slow it down. 


*This story is mature and if you cannot handle that, please do not read. Also may contain triggering subjects. If you have questions, comments or concerns feel free to contact me.*

-kurtcobain -kurtcobain Jul 19, 2016
It looks like you're gonna pee in the rolling stones' logo kinda
anotherone_djkhaled anotherone_djkhaled Jun 05, 2016
beingxbeing sounds weird like... a duck and a human... both beings...
letsbepirates letsbepirates Sep 26, 2016
Aaah I see *wipes forehead*
                              Won't lie- panicked a little :-)
                              Thought I was going mad
                              Not today B-)
Noexix Noexix Jul 20, 2016
That moment when Michael Clifford has his bottom lip caught under his teeth and is sweaty.. *looks down* I swear I had pants on a minute ago.
Darleneisninja Darleneisninja Sep 26, 2016
I think Luke needs some Michael in his life. Then again everyone needs some Michael in their life.
anotherone_djkhaled anotherone_djkhaled Jun 05, 2016
also i just researched it and michael is around the same length as me... i'm like 173 cm :0