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Everyone, Everything, All Over Again

Everyone, Everything, All Over Again

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TheEmeraldLegend By TheEmeraldLegend Updated May 30

After everything that happened, the Tragedy, Hope's Peak, Jabberwock Island, Towa City and the Warriors of Hope, things looked pretty bleak. Makoto, Byakuya, Hina, Hiro, and Kyoko have been dealing with the survivors from Jabberwock, Komaru and Toko have been continuing to fight for the freedom of Towa City, and Junko and her AI have been destroyed. Everything seemed bleak, but there was hope as things were at least running smoothly. But then... Makoto made a huge discovery. Something that changed the lives of everyone that had ever been involved in Junko's insane plans. Something that changed history. Something that changed... even Monokuma himself. What would happen if everyone had everything, but had to live it all over again? Is it another elaborate plan hidden by Junko? Or is it a second chance? A gift from an unknown entity? Watch as our amazing cast lives out a new life on a familiar stomping ground!

PokemonRio PokemonRio Jul 29, 2016
                              MASARU (Red)
                              JATARO (brown)
                              KOTOKO (pink)
                              NAGISA (blue)
                              AND MONACA. 
                              OH CRAP.
Weird-Demon Weird-Demon Oct 23, 2016
Actually Junko did, but Chiaki was never a remnant of despair.
PokemonRio PokemonRio Jul 29, 2016
*whistles* Interesting, although it's likely that Izuru killed Chiakiz