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Percy is cursed by Gaia after the war. As his body starts to fade away the Gods send him to a parallel universe (with the young justice team) to live while they try to make a body for him. The Gods bless him and send him off. 

Set between season 1 and season 2 of Young Justice and after Blood of Olympus

Will be slow to update.

Should I feel amused or embarrassed that I fell for that...probably amused
jojojojomo jojojojomo 4 days ago
The reason I failed that test is well... when I'm not thinking, I'll get my left and right confused. So when I saw "I said left idiot" my first thought was "that wasn't left?"
applejacks6 applejacks6 Nov 10
i don't trust, i beat it because i read carefully. never trust.
Is it sad that the only reason I beat that test is because I have learned not to trust easily
pandahope31 pandahope31 Nov 17
So like, if he were to "accidentally" take a detour to, I don't know, the Marvel universe, could he meet the avengers?
                              *fails at acting nonchalant*
You mad genius. Using that image. 
                              I applaud you my friend. 
                              Good job🍻