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Percy is cursed by Gaia after the war. As his body starts to fade away the Gods send him to a parallel universe (with the young justice team) to live while they try to make a body for him. The Gods bless him and send him off. 

Set between season 1 and season 2 of Young Justice and after Blood of Olympus

Will be slow to update.

                              NO YOUR NOT HE'S THE SON OF POSIEDEN (hate spelling) YA BITCH
jojojojomo jojojojomo Dec 06, 2016
The reason I failed that test is well... when I'm not thinking, I'll get my left and right confused. So when I saw "I said left idiot" my first thought was "that wasn't left?"
acciolightwood- acciolightwood- Nov 10, 2016
i don't trust, i beat it because i read carefully. never trust.
Goth am. . . Why is it called Goth am? That's a really horrible... wait a minute... Batman is pretty much gothic...
Percy: I'll gladly play some pranks for you especially with my new powers. 😇😎😉
1Aidco-q1bobislyfe 1Aidco-q1bobislyfe Oct 16, 2016
Is it sad that the only reason I beat that test is because I have learned not to trust easily