A Heart ♡{ Trafalgar Law X Reader}♡

A Heart ♡{ Trafalgar Law X Reader}♡

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Łucifer By Donquixote_Joker Updated Feb 21

{On hold but I will continue writing . I'm waiting for the new chapters and episodes}
You're Donquixote D. (Y.n) .
 Daughter of donquixote rosinante .
You're a solitary pirate . Before your mother passed away she told you to not cross paths with Doflamingo . He doesn't know rosinante had a child .
What will happen after you meet the infamous surgeon of death ? Who is your mysterious mother ? Will things go as you wish ?

Read to find out .

♤{disclaimer : I dont own one piece nor the crossover animes I use . I also dont own the pictures used .I only own the plot and thats about it .tho we already know that . XD }♤

AmourNicole AmourNicole Nov 12, 2016
Why does she care if the Marines are here if she's a warlord?
WirelessFire161 WirelessFire161 Dec 16, 2016
Your writing actually isn't that bad but you do have more than a few spelling errors...
tatortot31003 tatortot31003 Oct 28, 2016
So I'm either married or the sister of Grimmjow WTF!!!!!!!!!!??????? LOL
NinaFrost0 NinaFrost0 Dec 22, 2016
You're doing really well. All you need is to proof read your work. Try reading it backwards word by word, it'll make the mistakes pop up more so that you can fix them.
GidgetDidget GidgetDidget Mar 09, 2016
I'm loving to story so far! Keep working on it when you have the time...
BlueFlower226 BlueFlower226 Dec 29, 2016
I was normal until I read her name I started to laugh randomly. Nice one. 😂