Prefect - Young Remus Lupin X Reader

Prefect - Young Remus Lupin X Reader

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T By rydenonice Updated Jan 05, 2017

Your name is Y/N Y/L/N and you are a pure-blood Gryffindor. Everyone knows that you are a very talented witch, but you mostly keep to yourself. Nobody expects you to become the new Gryffindor prefect.

As you enter your 5th year at Hogwarts, things get complicated: You are trying to focus on your work with your upcoming OWLs, but this is proving hard. You have, to your great surprise, became the new Gryfinndor prefect, along with Lily and Remus. But this is a big responsibility. And you aren't the best with this sort of thing. Your best friend, Lily Evans, is in a dilemma about James Potter and the stupid Marauders are getting all friendly with you all of a sudden.

But why? 

As you try to crawl your way through 5th year without falling for any 'silly' boys, a certain Moony is coming into the picture. Will the Marauders be friends or foes? Will you focus on your OWLs? Or will you fall stupidly in love. Like every other girl in your year. But maybe Remus will be different...maybe the marauders aren't stupid after all...

~Cover credit to @SnowxFlake14 Go check out their covers! They are great!~

(i wrote this when I was twelve so this book is about 50% author's notes and is really cringy lmao sorry it's gross)

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I DONT KNOW?? WHO DOSENT LIKE REMUS??? If you don't like Remus, I have a problem with you
GregisDarwin GregisDarwin Jul 22, 2016
People who r werewolves they really hate the moon cuz well it's their time of the month WAIT WOULD FEMALE WEREWOLVES HAVE THAT AND THE FULL MOON WOAH I NEVER THOUGHT OF THAT MUST BE DIFFICULT OR DO THEY NOT HAVE IT
tenaujahlee tenaujahlee Jan 03, 2017
It's all a conspiracy they all secretly love Moony😹🙌😻
MadelineHatter15307 MadelineHatter15307 Dec 30, 2016
XDD just so you know... james was a chaser not a seeker!!! Okay im out now lol that's all i wanted to say
highqualitytrashcan highqualitytrashcan Jul 04, 2016
My twin sister. If any of you know her, please tell her that Dylan O'Brien does NOT compare to the greatness Harry Potter, more importantly, Moony is. I mean, sure, he's cute. But Andrew Garfield is much cuter. (At least, in my opinion)
whats-my-name-again whats-my-name-again Oct 15, 2016
It's not there fault if they haven't read your book and it's similar though