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WARNING: This book contains violence, rape, sexual content, heavy language, and drugs. For mature audiences only. Please don't say anything rude, as you have been warned.

Mate: short for soulmate
Mate to a werewolf: your other half; the one you can't live without
Unwanted: not or no longer desired
Unwanted by your mate: a werewolf's worst nightmare

Ivy May Rose was brought up in a high class family, where her life motto was to be seen and not heard. While things were bad enough in her home, things took a turn for the worse. One day, while walking home from a friend's house, she was attacked and raped, and soon found herself pregnant with a son. With her family being disgusted by the sight of her and fearing how they would be looked upon by others, they kicked Ivy out, faking her own death, and leaving her with nowhere to go.

By the age of fourteen, Ivy found a job, fighting other girls in an underground ring, watched by old drunk men, while also obtaining a side job of pleasuring men without pleasuring herself. At seventeen, Ivy has determined that her world won't get better, but she does everything she can to give her son the best life she can.

Zero Keller is the soon-to-be Alpha of the Midnight Dawn Pack. All he has wanted was a mate to call his own, and it doesn't help that his younger brother has already been mated to his childhood friend. Zero knows he needs a mate in order to become the best Alpha he can, and he worries he may never find her.

When Zero's school for training high class werewolves is overrun by rogues, he is forced to go to a new school, and discovers Ivy is his mate. With Ivy being convinced Zero is nothing more than a rich bastard, she acts cold toward him. With Zero begging to be let into Ivy's life, he discovers he may be nothing but unwanted to her, a werewolf's worst nightmare.

Dedicated to @EchoingInTheAbyss

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Samcat702 Samcat702 Jul 10, 2017
I have block schedule and it's honestly not that bad especially because half of the classes you take are electives. Last year I had two electives a day and two academic classes a day so I never got overloaded with too much stuff. Also having more time in concert band and jazz band is awesome.
I have that but there's only six classes w the option of getting a seventh
EchoingInTheAbyss EchoingInTheAbyss Mar 04, 2016
I love the picture! Shes super cute, definitely fits the character:)