Cocoa And Vanilla

Cocoa And Vanilla

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"Everyone could use a little bit of chocolate in their lives."

Destiny Vasten is a black girl. Now, don't be alarmed. This girl is a bit different. She's quiet and sweet at school but out of school, that's another story.

Justin Delarosa is a Hispanic boy that's the exact opposite of Destiny at school. He's loud, rambunctious, and usually causes unnecessary trouble for the teachers.

Now, what do you think would happen if these two happened to meet after school?

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BOSSCHICK___ BOSSCHICK___ 6 days ago
Im ready i got my tea my snacks my machete for these ugly hoes and some tissues just in case 😊
Tu mi amor en este momento. I love my Spanish class 😂😂
nate_mva nate_mva Oct 08
Omg like yesterday around 3am I texted my friend can u suck blood out a dick and we had a fully
sadza15 sadza15 Oct 10
This is a really cool creative way to start got me hooked in already
tyeralittle tyeralittle Oct 10
I am I the only one trying to figure out why they are recording.
BOSSCHICK___ BOSSCHICK___ 6 days ago
Learning Spanish right now all ik is food bathroom and cuss words 😂😂😂