Silent Knife

Silent Knife

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SixHorrorWriters By 6HorrorWriters Updated Jul 12, 2016

"We're just staying after school hours to ghost hunt - what could possibly go wrong?"

For the students of St. Paul's Catholic high school,  a popular scary story to relay is the brutal murder of a member of the faculty eighteen years previously. As the tale goes, the mentally unstable janitor was the one who committed the grisly crime.

In order to defeat or prove the still swirling rumors that the school is haunted by the ghost of the murdered woman, a group of film students decide to stay the night in a bid to finally debunk the rumors of a lady haunting the elite schools halls once and for all. 
But as the night goes on and the students begin to disappear one by one, they begin turning up in the same grisly matter of death as the murdered teacher. It begs the question - who's actually reenacting the murder?

Maybe some legends are real...

Amazing cover is by @DanceLikeMagicMike