Mischievous Love - Bonnie Bennett

Mischievous Love - Bonnie Bennett

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Queen Rocco By -VoidRoccoCoco Updated Aug 12

"Why ? Why do you choose to play the bad guy ? There's good in you, I've seen you show it. So why don't you just be a good person ?" 

                                                              "Because I'm not my Brothers. I don't act dark and brooding like Stefan, always trying to be chivalrous. I'm not Damon, who will do the wrong things for the right reasons, just to impress the girl. I'm my own person, and won't let what anybody thinks of me, control how I live my life" 

The Vampire Diaries 
Seasons 1 - 3
All credit belongs to @the1andonlytifftiff, for the idea, cover and story line

I'm still wondering how TF 3 peeps fell. For the same girl in the same year idk it just makes me chuckle