Harry Potter Next Generation Time Turner

Harry Potter Next Generation Time Turner

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That Sparkling Jesus Freak Potterhead By JessieSpark Completed

James Potter and Fred Weasley broke into Harry's office and stole a time-turner.
What will happen to them and the rest of the Potter-Weasley clan, as well as Scorpius Malfoy and Teddy Lupin, when it breaks and they end up in 1995? Will they ever be able to get home?

I am terrible at descriptions.
Well, don't expect to much from me, this is my first ever fanfiction so....... good luck to me? Arggh, I'm gonna fail, oh well. Enjoy the book.

Cancelled due to the fact that I don't like writing fanfiction

I just started this and it already seems like a very well written fan fiction, I'm sure you're a fantastic writer.💕
Yay, my line! And the story's good
                              ~ Jessie (Admin) & Victoire
Stop you are a terrible writer. This is pretty good, actually! :)
Junea_H Junea_H May 29, 2016
K, so you should really improve the story description. I know it's hard to make good descriptions, but you should at least make it less of a run on sentence. (I use commas a lot too)
ZFSweet ZFSweet Apr 26, 2016
Good, try not to do it in first person, try to do it on third person
a9r1ls1x a9r1ls1x Sep 14, 2016
Why not because when u do something ur not supposed to and find something weird u obviously go and ask ur babysitter!*pls note the sarcasm*