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Killua x Reader Lemon/Smut

Killua x Reader Lemon/Smut

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Ah, Love stories~ Relationships. Love. Kisses. Hugs. Total Bullshit. Or so you thought ~....Yes,  you never were interested in that kind of stuff. Never had a boyfriend or a crush. It isn't bad though, am i right? You get to focus on living your own life, without any problems in your way. Boys use to be so clingy to you, it was annoying. You're one of those cold hearted types. Most boys have the hots for you. Lust for you. Until one day, something bad happens....the worst of the worst. It could traumatize you forever but until Killua Zoldyck, your hero comes to save you. But...later on you guys get some how closer then you both expected. Until months later...."Am I...catching feelings for..."

Roses are red
                              Cacti are prickly 
                              Woah bruh, that escalated quickly
nigakiariam nigakiariam Mar 28
i am right me! i should never ever have a real boyfriend....just live happily so just.... ''love yourself...
I wear a navy blue jacket in when the temperature is OVER 9,000!
>~<I don't want a boyfriend because of the hard part is when you break up
8WGWFF8 8WGWFF8 Jan 27
1. If I tried walking while writing in a diary, I would walk into a pole.
                              2. If I tried running to a ramen stand, I would trip.
                              3. No one ever asks me out or ever will ask me out.
                              XD '\_(>~<)_/'
Who needs a real boyfriend when you can have ∞ fictional boyfriends?!