Trip // Billdip AU

Trip // Billdip AU

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The title is a placeholder. It will not be named "Trip" in the near future.

// Slice of life // Romance // Fanfiction //

Dipper's hopes are high for his next school trip to London. Planning to go with his best friend and twin sister, Mabel. However, the well known, edgy guy in the year above takes an interest in Dipper. And then, just to top it off, the London trip turns out to be one of the worst weekends of Dipper's life.

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Bea-the-Bee Bea-the-Bee Sep 22, 2016
I'm not creepy; I'm just admiring what splendor Mother Nature is capable of, a.k.a THAT GORGEOUS HUMAN BEING RIGHT OVER THERE
Noelle217 Noelle217 Sep 27, 2016
That is all to common thung that Hallandale to me looking at my crush. I love it!!!!