She's Mine

She's Mine

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K✨ By mimakirigoe Updated Jul 28, 2016

Aurora Waverly had always known what her future was going to be like. She and her boyfriend Eli were going to have pups and grow old together.

But what happens when she wakes up on her 18th birthday and finds out Eli isn't her mate?

In walks in, Alpha Maddox Hale. He isn't just an alpha, he is The Alpha. He is ruthless and strong enough to take what he wants when he wants it and is very protective over what's his. 

What happens when he finds out his mate already has someone she wants to spend her life with?

 Maddox wants her and he's willing to do anything to get her. 


He slams into the table beside him, growling at Eli. I cower behind him, frightened, not understanding what's going on, until I start smelling his heavenly scent again. 

Hands grab me, and pull me to a hard chest, sparks erupt all over my skin. I stare at Eli who is trying to reach me but is being held back by two big guys. 

"SHE'S MINE!", he roars.

I look over at Eli again, and he stops struggling, he looks me in the eyes sadly.

"She's mine", he whispers in my ear, and I feel like I'm betraying Eli as I snuggle closer to him and sigh contently. But I can't help it, after all, he's my mate.

  • alpha
  • betrayal
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redrum-rose redrum-rose Dec 23, 2017
Y every female protagonist gotta have some stupid ass nickname
ShatterBleedingHeart ShatterBleedingHeart Apr 17, 2017
When I read this I almost spit out my water cause my crush is also named Eli
KittenSwipez KittenSwipez Dec 02, 2017
How do you say that nickname? It's kind of an awkward nickname. Ah? Ow?
Fizza_Izza Fizza_Izza May 26, 2016
Head to toe so u shaved ur hair of ur head off too 😂😂😂
SilverMyths SilverMyths Mar 04, 2016
I think the took off being able to respond to one part because I can't do it either, anyways. This girl said I'm not gonna overdue it, even though she filled in her eyebrows, her eyeliner, her mascara, her eyeshadow. What's going overboard the ?
SuperMegaSum SuperMegaSum Jun 17, 2016
If I was in her shoes-
                              Meh... Too lazy. (Goes out looking like Chewy and a sascrotch had a baby. Guess who the baby was? Me.)