Amara Wayne || Gotham

Amara Wayne || Gotham

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My parents were murdered. I can't state it any more blunt than that. A man robbed us before shooting my parents, leaving my twin brother, Bruce, and I with our butler/guardian Alfred. 

Jim Gordon, a new detective at the G. C. P. D. promised Bruce and I that we would get the justice our parents deserve. 

Of course, you can never really trust the police. So I go myself. I pretend to be one of them. A person with no home or family left. 

I become a person of the streets. 

Well, only when I can. Somebody has to know something about my parent's murder right?

Every story has a beginning. This is mine.

Disclaimer: I only own Amara
Cover: @uzuriupendo
Warning: cursing is slightly involved.

Name pronounced uh-mar-uh

sydrea sydrea Apr 05, 2016
I love it already😊 I can't wait to see how it progresses!!
Amara_West Amara_West Jan 24
It is ironic that I found this story because my name is Amara
Kaylakuy Kaylakuy Mar 17, 2016
Oh! I really really like it. Wonderful start! I can't wait for more. :) :)
siriuslymalfoy_ siriuslymalfoy_ May 08, 2016
This is literally amazingg !! Loved the story so far , can't wait for more (:
okaynegan okaynegan Mar 17, 2016
1000000/10 I love it! Extraordinary job, can't wait for the next part. This is definitely going to become a favorite!
_SH3NAN1GANS_ _SH3NAN1GANS_ Mar 17, 2016
This was fantastic. If you havent already you should check out my Gotham fan fics