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Paw-cation | Pack Mom Stiles | BoyXBoy

Paw-cation | Pack Mom Stiles | BoyXBoy

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Moon Child By BrendenOBrien4 Updated Mar 16

A vacation themed pack mom story complication. Kind of like a One Shot book but like regular chapters... Like a trilogy of books mashed together... I'm so well at explaining things. 

Daytona Beach:
Derek drags Stiles along with the rest of the pack to vacation for the whole summer, when Stiles hips forced to room with Derek will they be doing way more in their bed besides napping?

U SHOULD HAVE DONE THIS. His was a thing its old BUT FUNNY
                              "Mr.Harris may i go to the  bathroom."
                              "I dont know can u."
                              "I DONT KNOW CAN U GET A 
                              FULL TIME JOB." 
                              I did this to my teacher once it was funny AF.😂😂😂😎😎😎😂😂😂
OnPrononcePasLeC OnPrononcePasLeC Oct 02, 2016
Come on Stiles just go to the frickin holidays ! It won't hurt I promise. *Liam being a small bean 😍😍*
yaoiqueen-1 yaoiqueen-1 Nov 21, 2016
I think being short would be nice. I hate being tall. I'm 5'9"
I'm 6'3" and for a girl that's terrifyingly tall in my town! XD I'm the tallest girl in the school, everyone else is like 5' nothing! XD XD
For some reason I feel as though he doesn't want to go because, like, the last time he went on a vacation was with his mom? Right? I just look at it that way
HavoChild120402 HavoChild120402 Oct 21, 2016
Dude, he is literally only two inches taller than me. In my town, that's short af for a guy XD