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Uzumaki Naruto, an Exceptional Shinobi

Uzumaki Naruto, an Exceptional Shinobi

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Never the one to tell By Purple_Wolfie Updated May 22

After a few years of Kurama's attack; Naruto disappeared. No one knew where he went, but no one dared to look for him. In fact, they were glad he wasn't in the village. The only ones concerned about his wellbeing was the Hokage: Sarutobi Hiruzen. At the age of six, Naruto returned to the village; pretending to be dumb, to be a knucklehead and pulling pranks. In reality, he's there on a mission. A mission no one knows about. He joins the academy to learn about everyone, even the teachers. In terms with Naruto's return the Hokage didn't question his disappearance but only smile at the small boy with open arms.

BamitZoZZy BamitZoZZy 5 days ago
Am I the only person that automatically read PG as point guard
horsegrrrl horsegrrrl Apr 25, 2016
Never mind i found the thing under... I can be really stupid sometimes...Anyways, Moving on.
MissMurderz MissMurderz Mar 12, 2016
I just realised Naruto is not "favoured by the gods" he's "favoured by the author" such is actually better, considering the author has control down to the smallest movement... Idek, it just struck me... -.-
NightPhoenix NightPhoenix Jul 02, 2016
If Naruto should have any kekkei genkai it should be the Adamantine Chains
Ghrest Ghrest Sep 01, 2016
In my opinion if he did have one it should be making a seal out of no where and being able to remove all seals
mistmoon12 mistmoon12 Apr 21, 2016
He has almost all the chakra natures after the 4th Great Ninja War including Yin & Yang and a few bloodlines (lava, sand, etc.)