friends? || lapidot

friends? || lapidot

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depression ;’) By anxiousan Completed

what if gems went to high school? 

   what if gems had parents?

   and what if all the gems we know were in the state of 
   mind as teenagers?

   follow lapis and peridot's story as they attend
   home world high together as best friends 

   and watch as their relationship grows closer

   but what if things all go crumbling down because of 
   peridot's mental illness

   what will happen?
(Note: I wrote this when I was like 12 so I wasn't all that great at writing yet so it may be cringey and sort've all over the place)

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*is reading this after seeing a terrifying comic dub on youtube about peridot being shattered* wELL THEN
What if the anti-depressants were not pills…
                              BUT A BAG/CONTAINER OF DORITOS
My history teacher is singlehandedly the most enthusiastic man I have ever met
CosmicDiamond18 CosmicDiamond18 Mar 04, 2016
I thought this chapter was pretty good! Can't wait for the next chapters. 👍
TrueCaliber TrueCaliber Feb 20
I don't remember reading this the first time, but that's good! Now I can enjoy this a second time while experiencing all the ups and downs for real.
Spaghetti-san Spaghetti-san May 18, 2016
Lmao I really love how you got jaspers personality right!  most of the lapidot stuff I read makes her really friendly towards lapis and peri...