Beautiful Rebel (BWWM)

Beautiful Rebel (BWWM)

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blueberrymuff99 By blueberrymuff99 Updated Sep 18, 2016

I constantly wonder what the point of all this is? We live. We feel so mad good and bad emotional. We deal with the good and bad. We choose good vs evil. Only to die. Then go to a magical place in the clouds, and for some a fire pit on the ground. But what happens after the afterlife? 

See I can't say I am Christian. It's the only religion I've known since birth. I want to study the many other religions and beliefs. Maybe if I was happy with my life I wouldn't wonder so much about the unknown. I'd just live in the moment. My life could be a lot worse but that doesn't make it any better.

I'm 24 and I have a job I hate so much. My mom is sick, and the doctors don't know what to do. My dad passed away in a car crash. Plus a bunch of other things that happened in the past. My brother Christopher has been in jail for the last six months due to drugs and some other things.

I walk into room 202 feeling nervous. The last time I came to visit my mother did not go too well. She told me she di...

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NiyaSpice NiyaSpice Jul 29, 2017
Same my dad passed in a car crash also. Someone fell asleep behind the wheel and hit him. I was two so I don't remember him. But I wish to god I did.
Hmmmm on the contrary tho that is ur mother better her be alive than dead
HereIsRenee HereIsRenee May 12, 2017
Christian is not a religion. Everyone is a Christian. We are born Christians just from different religions and believe
rheadenise_rose rheadenise_rose Sep 15, 2016
THIS IS ME!!! I already have it planned what Imma say to my mom, if the time ever comes.
mata_lyn13 mata_lyn13 Nov 26, 2016
I thought he was gonna be black but hey nothing too bad about pink pipe
BeingUs BeingUs Oct 03, 2016
The whole government out there now go on and tell him ur 16 digit credit card number and pin