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Leah:-) By EdMintonsBitch Updated Nov 20, 2011

Gerard's P.O.V-

"Gerard! Get downstairs right this fucking minute!" I heard my mom call.

Probably another letter off school, skipping classes, low grades, caught

smoking on school premises... again, the usual bullshit they actually care


"Yeah, mother?" I asked

"Skipping PE, again young man? Why this time?"

I wasn't ready to tell her the real reason, which was of course, if I went I'd

get beaten up, spat on, called an emo faggot, yes, I'm gay. So why should

I wanna be there? 

"Because, mom, it's a fucking pointless lesson and I don't

feel the need to be there because it's never gonna become a part of my

life. Now can I go get ready for school and get the fuck outta here?"

"Whatever, Gerard. But one more letter and you're moving schools."

Oh, how I fucking wish I could move schools, to one where I don't get bullied

because of my sexuality. 

"GEE HIYA GEE HIYAHIYAHIYA!" Oh great, the little brother on a sugar rush, just

what I need.

"Oh hey, Mikes. I need to go g...