Poetic Rants By Akram Sadiq

Poetic Rants By Akram Sadiq

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My name is Akram Sadiq. I'm a Juilliard student. Piano is my life. Music is my soul. Poetry is my dark secret. 

This is where I discard my crumpled, cheese-stained, pieces of paper full of corny Poetic ramblings. Nobody should read those when I have my mushy romantic moments. 

Don't tell anyone about this. It's embarrassing. Guys are not supposed to be sentimental, you know!! 

***Please don't read this!... You still want to?? Okay then... *Hides face*


¶¶Akram is a fictional character. All rights reserved in a jar on the fridge ¶¶

《Seriously! Mess with Akram and I will sue you! For realzz!!》

you will realize the connection later on in the story. If you decided to read it, that is. XD

AnkuGarg AnkuGarg Apr 03
Wow.. When I read it at first, I didn't know it's related to 'Melody'. But on reading it again today, I can only say that you have described Akram's feelings so beautifully here. I could imagine that scene at the park again when they met for the first time.
rampoorna rampoorna Apr 27
Wow!!! That's the best description. I sometimes feel some feelings to be novelic(that's not a word, I know) too.
- - Mar 22
The way you express yourself through your words is a very beautiful gift! 👏
AnkuGarg AnkuGarg Mar 31
It is so so so beautiful. I was smiling the whole time while reading it. Thanks :-)
saniretro saniretro Mar 12
this was perfect! :) it's a great poem that you could picture.
rampoorna rampoorna Apr 27
The was so well portrayed. I can clearly understand his feelings. And should I read Melody first to understand the poem better?