Poetic Rants By Akram Sadiq (BURN AFTER READING!)

Poetic Rants By Akram Sadiq (BURN AFTER READING!)

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most_bay By most_bay Updated Feb 01

((Highest rank #112 in poetry))

((Winner of Le Book Award for best Free Verse Poetry Read))


My name is Akram Sadiq. I'm a Juilliard student. Piano is my life. Music is my soul. Poetry is my dark secret. Plus my fondness of watching water ballet. I hope nobody tells.

This is where I discard my crumpled, cheese-stained, pieces of paper full of corny ramblings so nobody would read them when I have these bursts of mushy romantic moments. Don't tell anyone about this. It's embarrassing. Guys are not supposed to be sentimental, you know!! 

(((Please don't read this!)))

 Don't say I didn't warn you. :D

¶¶Akram is a fictional character. All rights reserved in a jar on the fridge ¶¶

《Seriously! Mess with Akram and I will sue you! For realzz!!》

you will realize the connection later on in the story. God willing :)

live_love_green live_love_green May 09, 2016
In poems too 🙈
                              Any other hidden talents 🙉
                              It is a gift from allah keep on writing cuz it makes you feel better 😉
AuroraBorealis9 AuroraBorealis9 Aug 18, 2016
This was amazing . I need some one like akram but not him of course.
spacetodream spacetodream Oct 17, 2016
Tender, poignant, dreamy...you honor & caress her with beautiful words & music combined. ❤️
Oh woah!! ♥ I'm feeling the goosebumps already,in the first lines ...
MitchellColegrove MitchellColegrove Mar 14, 2016
I'm a poet my self and I have got to say you truly write with the hand of Aphrodite herself
thatbarista thatbarista Dec 17, 2016
This poem has several brilliant lines. I really enjoyed it. First poem and I'm already hooked with your book. Great job!