You Saved Me  ~Septiplier fanfic~

You Saved Me ~Septiplier fanfic~

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Fuck My Life By SepticSubstancexX Completed

So this was the first story I wrote on Wattpad... Its pretty cringey... I suggest you read my other stories instead, but if you really wanna read this one, go ahead...

"Jack, I don't know how many more ways I can say it! I love you and I always will! You mean the entire fucking world to me! Please Jack, remember, we ignore the rest of the world... it's just you and me," He said, grabbing my hand. 

"Ignore the rest of the world," I whispered.

Number_1_Trash Number_1_Trash Nov 26, 2016
... when I read the first sentence, I was like 'wow, that's one way to begin the story'😅😅
theharmlessdouche theharmlessdouche Nov 14, 2016
me; * pulls up to drivethrough*
                              person; hello can i take your order?
                              me; i wana fooking die
                              person; ssssaaaaammmmmee
KrazyKittenCat KrazyKittenCat Oct 23, 2016
lol i do the same as Jack on airplanes. snuggle up in a jumper , put some usic on and go to sleep until its over xD but i can't do it anymore cause i travel alone now sooo theres nobody to wake me up ;-;
Cantelop3 Cantelop3 Dec 03, 2016
Such an amazing beginning to read after the horrible thing I faced in Stardew Valley
I love the rain, mostly because I live in Australia and because the rain is so nice
kikgigs kikgigs Sep 06, 2016
That's me everyday raining or not I'm just anti social and I love it