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Seraphina Mason isn't an ordinary Witch. Born to a Witch mother and a Guardian father, she's half Angel. 

After a long series of events on a path that destiny has laid out for her, Seraphina finds herself in the company of her father's family of Guardians. She has just begun to settle into her new found role as a Guardian when life throws her yet another curve-ball. 

Her new charge leads her to the Alpha of the North Sky Werewolf Pack, Drake Pierce-- and Seraphina's his mate.  

Alpha Drake doesn't know about Guardians, no other supernatural creature besides Witches do. And Seraphina intends to keep her mate in the dark. But secrets never really stay secret once you have a mate, something Seraphina is bound to discover. 
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When are you going to update the story, not to rush you but it is killing me not knowing what is going to happen next
Omg I live for this song. The only thing I love more is the nightcore version