The Watchmaker

The Watchmaker

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palebluedream By palebluedream Updated Nov 18

After the death of his parents in 1917, Scott Hoying finds himself accepting the summer position of manservant and butler to the wealthy heir of one of the richest banks in America, Mitchell Grassi. 

This will contain mature themes, please don't read if that makes you uncomfortable.

This contains Scomiche, Scavi, and a lil bit of Mavi, and probably a bunch of other ships :)

Still recovering from Touch but I can't wait to get into this
Ry_Lynn Ry_Lynn Sep 18
Ok... im finally reading, and if this is anything like touch I will fall in love with it and be super emotional... so lets go!!
Jazznat99 Jazznat99 Jul 29
I am having an eye-orgasm from reading such a beautifully written piece of story.
Vanay67 Vanay67 Jul 10
I'm really stupid. I started reading at "The Father" and realized I was in the wrong spot hahah. Oops
Ry_Lynn Ry_Lynn Sep 18
"I have German in my blood, my blood is German... if you cut me open I will literally bleed beer"
ptxxtp ptxxtp Jun 17
Just how old is he as he looks back? He specified the year, and he's been judging himself pretty harshly, so I'm guessing it's quite a while later. I wonder if we'll find out who he's narrating to and why.