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Wishing you were mine (jamona) fuller house

Wishing you were mine (jamona) fuller house

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Owen By owenyu22 Completed

Romona Ramona gibbler she has to move in with the fullers family because her mom needed to help her best friend DJ but the thing is Jackson fuller Ramona crush since forever is apart of the fullers family and Ramona has always tried to ignore her crush on him but how can she now that she's living with him 


- - Mar 12, 2016
HI!I just wanna tell you that you have an AMAZING story and I love it so much!Sure, you may not use SO much punctuation, but HEY!Everybody makes mistakes while writing.I'm pretty sure my story has a LOT of mistakes.Okay, KEEP WRITING CAUSE I SCREAM SO MUCH WHEN YOU UPLOAD
aesthetic_soap aesthetic_soap Mar 08, 2016
This whole scenerio has been used in almost every Jamona story I've read so far
KeikoKendra KeikoKendra Apr 24, 2016
Im 10 and my mom tryst me with 8 months old brother😭😪🔫
welcome2thequeendom welcome2thequeendom Jun 10, 2016
I'm 10 and my whole family trusts me with my 8 and younger family
iamticcitoby9 iamticcitoby9 Jul 24, 2016
I'm 14 my brother does all the work since I'm the middle child