Runaway Angel (A Kol And Klaus Mikaelson Story)

Runaway Angel (A Kol And Klaus Mikaelson Story)

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LennyMikaelson By LennyMikaelson Updated Nov 17

Runaway Angel. 

Thats what they called her.

 Cursed by a witch who thought she was doing her a favor, once she dies in one time period she appears in another with no memory of who she is whatsoever. Thats her curse. 

Unknown to her is that theres a reason as to why she's been cast this spell. Unknown to her this is more like a job. Her job is to make someone happy in whatever time period she appears. Thats her destiny. Thats her fate. But it gets troublesome when she lives in a world full of vampires who recognize her every time she appears. Yeah thats the worse part of her curse.

But lets find out how all of this happened first.

The Vampire Diaries/The Originals story.

Many love interest.


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