BillDip One-Shots

BillDip One-Shots

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A collection of one-shots because I don't have the patience nor the willpower to write nearly as many full blown stories for all of the ideas I've come up with.

I might also take requests when I'm in the mood for it.


Fluff - ♡ Title ♡
Angst - ○ Title ○
AU - ♢ Title ♢
Smut - □ Title □
Some may be combined for certain one-shots

That wonderful idea came from warriors010, who allowed me to use it in my own one-shot book. :)

This just reminded me of when I was reading a Spideypool fanfiction and Peter ordered Wade to do something then he said something like "Idk what made you think you were Dom, but let's set that straight". It reminded me of these two then
I haven't read it yet, but I'll tell you my opinions of it afterwards!
I'M HERE! I'M HERE! I KNOW I'M LATE BUT I'M HERE NOW! Great one shot btw! :3
This is beautiful ;-; But the self harm thing made me shiver (I don't like pain nor reading or watching people inflict self harm, but for billdip I read this)
actually...I agree but it was still  a great story but a different outcome could've made it...something amazing...I cried a little just a little when I read this
Maaaaan both versions are amazing, TBH. Of course, you're an amazing writer.