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Warriors: Healer

Warriors: Healer

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˗ˏˋ paint ˎˊ˗ By WarriorzLove Updated Oct 18, 2016

Snowfall On Tree Branch had never liked the life of a to-be prey-hunter in The Tribe Of Amber Moons. He had always thought he had a different destiny laid out for him, rather than the one he was being forced to take because of how he looked. Snowfall was fond of healing cats rather than killing, and although he knew the prey helped his Clan, he couldn't help but feel bad for it. He only thought of it as ruthless murder.

Thing is, the only Healer was Stoneteller. And she didn't like any cat thinking differently than they were suppose to, and wanted them to do their jobs, whether they liked it or not. Snowfall didn't like this, and thought cats should have a right to be able to heal their Tribemates if they wanted to.

So now Snowfall is confused. Living in the mountains, he isn't sure how to even leave his Tribe. And dangers of the Clans around the mountain have been told - if the Clan cats caught you, you'd be killed.

But Snowfall thinks this is a hoax...or is it? Unsure if he should run away or not, Snowfall is caught in a confusing trap between what he thinks is right and wrong. Follow Snowfall's journey through this compelling and intriguing story of hardship, bravery, and independence.

Published » March 3, 2016

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possible trigger warning. mature themes.

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I don't want to sound pushy, but would you mind telling me what app you use to make your covers? I'd really like to know :3
LaurelRain LaurelRain Jun 11
It's interesting reading from a Tribe cat's point of view! I also find it neat that the protagonist isn't forced into becoming a medicine cat (a common plot) and how they see hunting in that point of view.
ChronaLilly ChronaLilly Mar 04
Looks like there's an apprentice in the out of clan cats... Am I the only one who noticed that? Seems like it could be a pretty interesting story in and of itself. Is Springpaw another Ravenpaw or an exile?
                              Other names are great tho
ChronaLilly ChronaLilly Mar 03
                              This should be fun, there are few books specifically focused on tribe structures. I also like the explanations of the ranks, very eloquent and well worded- I'm curious where this is set (temporally) in canon, though. Before the clans? After them? I guess I'll see as we go on.