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✨ By GoldGotti Updated Jun 15, 2016

Korey 'KD' Daniels, 24 years old and stuck raising his five year old sister Jurnee due to certain situations. Korey works as a cashier at Walmart; being paid minimum wage, working 30 hours a week and getting paid every two. 

KD struggles to maintain his role as the provider and big brother but begin to fail tremendously, needing a guide. When he meet rude, insensitive, and charming Logan James, she helps him against her will, but when she notice how broken KD is, she's all for it.

ayyg0ldi ayyg0ldi Jul 05, 2016
I feel bad that she only got her brother to live with. What she gon do/tell him when she get her period for the first time? 😟
Ebony_Jewel Ebony_Jewel Aug 07, 2016
Get 'chu a girl wit natural hair, it's a different person with each style.😉
KeishaLanay KeishaLanay Jun 26, 2016
Put some respeck on our job we get $10 an hour 😂😂😂😂😂
deathlythoughts deathlythoughts Aug 02, 2016
without makeup she looks like a baby lol, but she's pretty!😍
Ebony_Jewel Ebony_Jewel Aug 07, 2016
What's the deal with negroes and fake hair all of a sudden? Like, they jumpin' on the bandwagon now. Leave the faux locs to us Black girls, okay?
Ebony_Jewel Ebony_Jewel Aug 07, 2016
What the hell? I hate mothers like this! My kids would look better than me, and I'd take the bunny clothes. Fückin' crazy, I tell you.