Roommates | Cashton ( #Wattys2017 )

Roommates | Cashton ( #Wattys2017 )

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Calum Hood was the stereotypical jock in high school. He was the star of the football team and basketball team. The majority of his old classmates loved him, envied him, or wanted to be him. Now that he was at the University of Melbourne on a football scholarship, he was hoping to reach that status yet again. He wasn't going to university for the classes and academics; he was going to pursue his career in football. He wasn't a lame geek that was going to spend his weekends studying and doing boring homework that wouldn't benefit him. He wasn't going to let those nerds annoy him with their smarts either like he did in high school. Not to mention that he was a full-blooded frat boy. Classes and grades and nerds weren't about to get in his way of that. 

Ashton Irwin was considered a nerdy hipster. He was more into the arts and academics of things, his strong suit being English and art history. Not only that, but he had a passion for music as well. He was a talented singer that helped get him a full ride scholarship to the University of Melbourne, along with his exceptional knowledge in English. Though, he wasn't at all popular in high school. He was quite the opposite and he was okay with it. He didn't want to be popular and have his every move analyzed. It also meant that he would've had to hangout with the jocks, who he didn't like at all. Now, due to his uni class schedule, he would be free of the majority of the jocks and hopefully frat boys. They were bullies and he didn't want to have to be associated with any of them. He would make sure of that. 

But, despite what Ashton and Calum think, life isn't fair sometimes and you have to live with the hand you're dealt. Literally. 


Copyright 2016 to Brianna (@1D_HarryStyles_1D)

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antifond antifond Aug 03
Umm this isn't a nice thing to read but I'll just ignore it for the sake of this amazing writing
Just because a girl is a bit heavier or fatter than other girls doesn't mean they do that, I a fellow fatty doesn't eat that much but I keep getting fatter so stfu Calum
Well I dont hate him... I just strongly dislike him right now
AliPlayzGraal AliPlayzGraal Oct 11, 2016
Im doing this book for a essay at school, keeps getting better.
Oh Calum. You have do much to learn. My brother is the Best football player and the biggest football nerd I know. And that says something, because My whole class is filled with them.
                              Buuuut. My brother also loves Ed Sheeran, and as a matter of fact, so do I. So dont. No. Stop.
Im crying a little on the inside. I loved that book, and Now its over