The Soldier (Minecraft Story) Book Two Of The Moone Trilogy

The Soldier (Minecraft Story) Book Two Of The Moone Trilogy

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Rockn Rebel44 By Rocknrebel44 Updated Mar 04, 2017

WARNING: This is book two of the Moone Trilogy. Read the first book, The Fighter,  before continuing on or else things won't make any sense. 


It had been a month or so since Kat Moone was unleashed into the world of Minecraft with no memory of her former life. She found friends, cookies, and went to the capital, Notch City. But then she found out that she was something special.... maybe even something bad. 

But Notch was back. He had returned from his 16 year  "vacation", and things were heating up. Kat finally had the person for her answers right in front of her, but can she really ask him anything?

So after Notch issued a quest, Kat has to suck it up and go with her friends to a corrupted city to stop the government from siding with Herobrine in the war. Can she actually do it?

It's the start of the war. Anything can light the flame for hell breaking loose. But Kat was a soldier for the good side. And she was going to fight for it.

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