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I Faked My Suicide

I Faked My Suicide

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Holly By SquishieSquashie Completed

Her mother is embarrassed of her.

Her father doesn't care about her.

The rest of her family thinks she's a bad influence on the little ones.

Society thinks she's a freak.

She gets bullied at school for what she wears and listening to the wrong kind of music.

Out of all this her best friend still thinks she's perfect, inside and out.

She wants to get away from all the judgmental eyes and she's knows the perfect way.


She'll never commit it and leave him to defend for himself even though he says he'll be fine.

But once she gets pushed over the edge, she goes as far as faking her suicide, with the help of her best friend.

Jess and Ronnie have finally escaped judgmental Ohio and eloped to Rhode Island.


What will they discover with their new found freedom?


                                                      YOU  HAVE  BEEN  WARNED

Ecopia Ecopia 3 days ago
Ugh, my mom is constantly yanking my earbuds out of my ears. Week before last she was making me walk laps around a football field, and I was walking while listening to music. She came up behind me, yanked my earbuds out, and took my phone. Like bïtch, let me listen to my dämn music at least.
drivenbypaper drivenbypaper 3 days ago
I like the story. I'm trying to help you not insult you; do you need an editor? I really like editing since I'm not very good at writing myself. It could be good for both of us.
mj13660 mj13660 Jul 12
Actually, i like dark pink not full on light pink. And i do not like ruffles
Khadiza_epi Khadiza_epi 4 days ago
Look who decided to show his face! Sad Chad the pussy lad who thinks he's rad but makes me glad when I think of the fact that all his good qualities couldn't even be fitted on an A5 notepad because he makes everyone mad.
spicymemes-_ spicymemes-_ 5 days ago
Okay I'd be fine with "Jess the mess" because i am a mess and i know it oops
My life... but my headphones broke and my parents won't let me get new ones