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Ready, Set, WAIT!! (Naruto fanfic)

Ready, Set, WAIT!! (Naruto fanfic)

45.1K Reads 1.5K Votes 12 Part Story
Katie By LoveMyRusty Completed

Who would've thought there was another ninja exactly like Naruto? Well not in this story! Hikari Yami is almost Naruto Uzumaki's opposite. Almost, in that she's more serious about things most of the time. Hikari befriends Naruto on graduation over a bowl of ramen, and from there, their friendship grows. Naruto cares about Hikari more than anyone else, so what will he do when she's taken by the Akatsuki right after Sasuke leaves? 

Well... Let's find out!!

XxInspiredByAnimexX XxInspiredByAnimexX Sep 28, 2016
She doesn't seem too serious to me XD More like a bundle of energy!
Kinda a weak story plot. I just feel like you put no real effort. Or perhaps you need a beta to help you edit and write.
notedi notedi Jul 30, 2016
Not anymore the letter h is trademarked by far studios so I use copyright strike (jk good story)
deipnophobia deipnophobia Sep 05, 2016
Wow.. instead of reading Naruto-kun I read Ramen-kun... i think i want ramen
I thought Hikari was supposed to be the total opposite if Naruto but they both have demonds in them, they both get treated poorly, and they both love ramen. Not to hate just pointing that out, I think the story is great.
Dear ANBU,
                                                 u let not even a graduated gennin get passed u and take the scroll that can destroy us all.
                              Your fired.
                                                     Sincerly, ur ex employer