Akatsuki Seven Minutes In Heaven

Akatsuki Seven Minutes In Heaven

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Rhi By LivingLikeKillers Updated Oct 14, 2017

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, any of its characters, the game seven minutes in heaven or you :)

Being as oblivious as he is, Tobi proposes a game of seven minutes in heaven without even knowing what it is. With no chance of escape, you, Y/N, will reach into the dreaded bag and pull out an object that will decide your fate!

So go ahead, Y/N, who will you get...?

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Armin_Krista Armin_Krista Aug 22, 2017
Tobi is a good boy! And Tobi even just commented that! Haha!
VipaNoire VipaNoire Jul 27, 2017
Why would he have a plastic fish? xD
                              Like, for real, he just thought "I better keep a miniature plastic form of myself on me, just in case"... 
                              Wtf...? xD
FreakingLEM FreakingLEM May 28, 2017
Undertaker, I'm already dead from just looking at your sexy face
Armin_Krista Armin_Krista Aug 22, 2017
milanna93 milanna93 May 27, 2017
me:sasori i play naruto online and i know puppet making is your only hobby because you keep making me fight your puppets i'd help you find another hobby but it would probably be doll making and no i will not let you make them out of woods
                              sasori:no it isn't
                              me:yes it is
awckward- awckward- Jun 23, 2017
-2.35 seconds later-
                              *Makes sushi* 
                              Hey, Kisame! I cooked your cousins!