Akatsuki Seven Minutes In Heaven

Akatsuki Seven Minutes In Heaven

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Rhi-Chan By LivingLikeKillers Updated 6 days ago

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, any of its characters, the game seven minutes in heaven or you :)

Being as oblivious as he is, Tobi proposes a game of seven minutes in heaven without even knowing what it is. With no chance of escape, you, Y/N, will reach into the dreaded bag and pull out an object that will decide your fate!

So go ahead, Y/N, who will you get...?

altra313 altra313 Feb 04
you know cause of death is hidan and undertaker is his dad see the resemblance
sifa12345 sifa12345 Nov 11, 2016
Lol I lost it when u mentioned undertaker and ended up busting out laughing in my weight training class while I was taking a break between work outs! Everyone is looking at me like I am crazy XD I don't blame them
- - Sep 22, 2016
I am listening "Cash Cash - Naughty or Nice" and well... the song fits perfectly for my taste~ PLAY AGAIN!!!
                              But why did Kisame had a plastic fiah with himself...?
naked_dragon naked_dragon Nov 24, 2016
Are you referring to Undertaker my favorite death like friend
Michealis_SaysBi Michealis_SaysBi Apr 27, 2016
By any chance do you mean the 
                              Undertaker (From Black Butler)
UNDERTAKER: Give me a good laugh and I'll size you for a mahogany coffin for half off~  
                              😂 your the best author ever for referencing him!