Kismet  (Namjin Mpreg)

Kismet (Namjin Mpreg)

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kelsi and gelsey By kelandgel Updated Dec 02

"Who would thought Kismet would bring us together. Not like how we imagine, but nonetheless we are together." Namjoon kisses Seokjin on the lips as he massages his lovers belly. 

Both meet each other unexpectedly but they are in for a hell of a ride and it is all thanks to Kismet.  

Will the rich Namjoon and middle class Seokjin make their fate happen or are their  differences going to pull them apart? One thing for sure is that their little Kismet is the best thing that happen to them.

Highest rank #973 in Fan Fiction. (Don't remember the dates)
Highest rank #924 in Fan fiction 6/29/17

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I actually ship Jimin with Taehyung but whatever (Please don't hurt me, I'm not trying to start a shipping war...)
KookieV_27 KookieV_27 Apr 17
I think this is great story( already is one😊) .im already excited😀😍😍
NekoTubbie NekoTubbie Jul 19
'Don't worry I'm not gay' 
                              Not even you can believe that ._.
Girl... I know I call him Mama Jin, but this is just to much...
mere_96 mere_96 Jul 10
boiii he's the most beautiful human being ever seen on this planet 😂😂
Ailee1008 Ailee1008 Jul 02
Among the most logical mpreg available liking this...