Fading Scars: A Series of Malec One Shots

Fading Scars: A Series of Malec One Shots

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Kersten Noelle By WakeUpAbercrombie Updated Oct 25

A collection of Malec one shots written by yours truly. These stories are the Malec scenes we didn't get in the books and the Malec scenes we deserve. 

Some one shots are directly related to the books/tv show while others are made up by me. 

*copywright to Cassie Clare. I don't own Malec or any other character. If I did I'd give them hell of a better storyline than she did*

Wow. This is actually really good. I spent ages looking for more great malec -so happy I discovered your stories (I hope all of them will be this well written!) :)
Alec is not grumpy, I take offense in that. He just has a lot going on with his life right now. Or something like that hahaha 😂😂
With great power comes a great need for a nap~nico di Angelo, the last olypian