The Angel // Sansxreader [EDITING]

The Angel // Sansxreader [EDITING]

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CreepyTale By CreepyTale1412 Updated Jul 15, 2017

Crystal Rose as in 'you' is an Angel descended from the heavens itself. But apparently you haven't noticed that yet. While walking back from the grocery store you saw an unusually beautiful mountain called 'Mt. Ebott'. Strange because it was never there before, so while investigating the mountain you followed a trail of flowers leading to a gigantic hole. Someone pushed you and you fell in it.

Cover made by FlowerCutie04

There might be quite a few author notes here so I'm sorry about that.

I have another two 'Bill Cipher x Reader' and 'Offenderman x Reader' so pls check it out too!

I'm editing the book and it might take a while. Sorry for the slow updates!

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_Burrbo _Burrbo Apr 19, 2017
Did you know it's not an xreader if you don't let the reader choose anything? This is more like a sans x oc 
                              Good job at failing your duty as a writer tho!
ilikecats42 ilikecats42 Aug 15, 2016
The sad part is, that would mostly be me... *sudden ninja stab*
Insane_Lover_Girl Insane_Lover_Girl Aug 15, 2016
I'm 14 my sis is 11. Next year I'll be 15 and she will be 12...OMG! I have other sister. 4 others and a little bro, but THATS AMAZING!
OliveTait OliveTait Aug 14, 2016
I wonder if Flowey will give sympathy because she just got stabbed... Or if he'll even notice XD
YourReality- YourReality- Sep 04, 2016
                              AND SHE IS EVIL AF?
Random_userdxxc Random_userdxxc Oct 11, 2016
Evangeline.... why... did you stab me and push me in a hole??? ;-;