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Jimin's Goddess By LittleMissBangtan Updated Nov 06, 2016


" That baby is unwanted. Get rid of it,"

" But-" 

" Get rid of it!"

Life isn't as good as before but she learn to live on her own feet. Pregnant, at a young age of 17, Seo Hyun have a miserable life after Jimin threatened to leave her if she doesn't abort the baby. She loves the baby, her own flesh and blood. That's not a problem for her. However for the K-Pop superstar Park Ji Min.. the baby is his biggest mistake in his secret marriage life.

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Omg it's the same year gap between me and jimin oppa 🙉🙉
Kinda offended but am gonna let it slide cuz people got their own opinions
My mom threatens me like that but when I'm not studying and my exams are near and she only says this to scare me 😂😂😂 it's my fault tho, she started threatening me with this back in 7th grade and I started crying.. now she knows her words effect me *sigh* stupid 12 year old me
leJINdary- leJINdary- Sep 13
calm thyself... you know this pretty well because Cherry says it al the time.
Rapmonster is a rapping monster but his lyrics are touch ing
I failed my spm by two merits and my parents threatened me to marry to a son of their friends... and i couldnt care less...