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Jimin's Goddess By LittleMissBangtan Updated Nov 06, 2016


" That baby is unwanted. Get rid of it,"

" But-" 

" Get rid of it!"

Life isn't as good as before but she learn to live on her own feet. Pregnant, at a young age of 17, Seo Hyun have a miserable life after Jimin threatened to leave her if she doesn't abort the baby. She loves the baby, her own flesh and blood. That's not a problem for her. However for the K-Pop superstar Park Ji Min.. the baby is his biggest mistake in his secret marriage life.

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Omg it's the same year gap between me and jimin oppa 🙉🙉
Kinda offended but am gonna let it slide cuz people got their own opinions
elenarayane elenarayane Sep 15
Talkin bout rapmon babblin nonsense wtf u cant even spell thirty .
My mom threatens me like that but when I'm not studying and my exams are near and she only says this to scare me 😂😂😂 it's my fault tho, she started threatening me with this back in 7th grade and I started crying.. now she knows her words effect me *sigh* stupid 12 year old me
leJINdary- leJINdary- Sep 13
calm thyself... you know this pretty well because Cherry says it al the time.
Rapmonster is a rapping monster but his lyrics are touch ing