Rekindled (book 2)

Rekindled (book 2)

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"Here's the thing about love. It's just like fire, you think you've blown it out and it's all over. But only a small spark is needed to rekindle it and bring back its flames. Fire is eternal, darling, and so is our love."


Selena flew to America, finished her studies and came back to England in hopes of finding her old friends, life and family back again intact. But as time goes, feelings change. Confronting her ex high-school lover Justin isn't the easiest task of them all, especially when chemistry still sizzles between them. 

They both want to believe they will finally get the happy ending they deserve. But with Justin's life at stake from numerous threats by an unknown source, happy endings are the furthest thing on their minds. 

Maybe exes are meant to stay in the past for a reason.
  [sequel to infatuated: CAN be read as a stand-alone.]

    Oxygensdrugs Oxygensdrugs Mar 06, 2016
    Brit why do u have to be such a tease? Why not update f.ucking now? I mean ONE F.UCKING MOnth of waiting? What if i die tomorrow? Dbishdh
    nadagrande nadagrande Mar 26, 2016
    Omg im really excited for this! I was praying that you'd write a sequel cuz the story slayed and needed to be continued. Love u 💕💞💖
    daniaxoxi daniaxoxi Oct 06, 2016
    I can't believe you are going to continue this story ! 🙂🙂🙂
    worshipfulness worshipfulness Mar 05, 2016
    haven't finished infatuated yet; the cover 's so beautiful though lmao x
    -firingthoughts -firingthoughts Mar 06, 2016
    Really excited for this sequel. Mostly excited for Jake actually hehe