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Celeste Academy Fanfic Oneshots

Celeste Academy Fanfic Oneshots

41.1K Reads 1.6K Votes 10 Part Story
Shane Dellera By leoconstellwriter Completed

Collection of MyLovelyWriter Celeste Academy Series fanfiction oneshots!

Le_Cookie_Jar Le_Cookie_Jar Oct 22, 2016
Le_Cookie_Jar Le_Cookie_Jar Oct 22, 2016
The stupid witch and the idiot devil- certainly quite the combination, I'd say 😏
VenusHart VenusHart Aug 18, 2016
Squeal! Wish this could happen in the real book hahaha but noooo I have to satisfy my CorVal feels through oneshots
Should happen somewhere shouldn't it. The author refuses to even do this much in her books
I have always loved reading fanfics. And no matter how many times I read, I just cant help it but squeal like a teenager every time they kiss. XD
winchestergirl351 winchestergirl351 Dec 28, 2016
Awwwwww. How I wish this to happen in the book.... *sigh* soon soon!