Social Media | A Dan Howell Fanfic

Social Media | A Dan Howell Fanfic

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Mia is a young girl who just finished university, and has started her first job at the local bakery. Then she becomes friends with a man, Dan Howell, who comes to the bakery every morning, and their relationship slowly escalates from there. 

She is obsessed with social media and keeps a diary about her relationship with him online, and starts a special Tumblr blog for him called @LettersToDan. What happens when he finds out?

Includes major fluff
Includes smut (with warnings)

Lol my name is Mia and this popped up in the DanxReader stories this is fate
Hey I just met you 
                              And this is crazy
                              So here's my number 
                              So call me maybe 
                              Sorry, I had to
That's me. I don't put or set a pizza in the microwave. No I dump it in there.