Social Media | A Dan Howell Fanfic

Social Media | A Dan Howell Fanfic

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Mia is a young girl who just finished university, and has started her first job at the local bakery. Then she becomes friends with a man, Dan Howell, who comes to the bakery every morning, and their relationship slowly escalates from there. 

She is obsessed with social media and keeps a diary about her relationship with him online, and starts a special Tumblr blog for him called @LettersToDan. What happens when he finds out?

Includes major fluff
Includes smut (with warnings)

PriyaMcDonald PriyaMcDonald Dec 20, 2016
Someone tell me this is normal please. When me and my friends get pizza we always get one each and trade pieces. Whenever my family if 5 get pozza we get 6 for all of us and there are usually like 3 pieces left over for the next day.
cinnamonslippers cinnamonslippers Nov 19, 2016
Lol my name is Mia and this popped up in the DanxReader stories this is fate
I'm surprised he didn't just pull a 'duck you' and write +666666666
Killua-kun4ever Killua-kun4ever Nov 12, 2016
Hey I just met you 
                              And this is crazy
                              So here's my number 
                              So call me maybe 
                              Sorry, I had to
TrashAndBleachCenter TrashAndBleachCenter Nov 27, 2016
That's me. I don't put or set a pizza in the microwave. No I dump it in there.
Also please let me blow myself up this is making me feel emotions what