RWBY: Broken Swings

RWBY: Broken Swings

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LEO By Anonymous_Writer3144 Updated 7 days ago

COVERS by @imalittleshit

This is not your usual deadbeat planned story. This one is different, you can choose whether you want to be a bad guy, or a good guy, or you can just go for other options. Each option have their advantage and disadvantage. Choose whether to be a cold-blooded huntsman, or play as a mister-nice-guy. All is up to you. And you can also choose your approach towards Blake. Or maybe you want someone else? 

Now, let's get to the real deal:

You're from the Taurus clan. Something bad happened to your clan, so you ended up living inside Emerald Forest for years.

kidatoh09 kidatoh09 Jan 31
Can't I dress up in something similar to the assassin's creed outfits? except in black and silver?
DeadBryant DeadBryant Dec 19, 2016
AGH HOLD UP! i feel like you taking this yamato thing from DMC4 when dante goes to Dark Slayer Style the Yamato is a Katana which teleports to his hands
I_Am_Zenith I_Am_Zenith Feb 13
Dud this may in fact be the most popular RWBY story there is.
RedBanshee RedBanshee Dec 30, 2016
Pretty great start, gives some personality to our very own Y/N. Good job.
Makaiknight06 Makaiknight06 Dec 24, 2016
I feel that our abilities are a lot like mitsunari from sengoku bassara
Jestertr4p Jestertr4p Nov 02, 2016
You lived a normal life for 13 years so why the hell don't you know what a Faunus is?!