RWBY: Dangerous Habits

RWBY: Dangerous Habits

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The Ghost By Ghost_Writer3144 Updated 7 days ago

[RWBY? x Male Reader] SU
Originally, this was suppose to be a Blake x Male Reader, but due to other readers targeting other girls. It had to change. 

You can choose whether you want to be a bad guy, or a good guy, or you can just go for other options. Each option have their advantage and disadvantage. Choose whether to be a cold-blooded huntsman, or play as a mister-nice-guy. All is up to you. And you can also choose your approach towards any girls in the future chapter. Or maybe you want Cinder, Neo, or Emerald? Well, let's just go with the flow and see where the story leads you~

Now, let's get to the real deal:

You're from the Taurus family. Something bad happened, so you ended up living inside Emerald Forest for years with a beautiful girl you've saved from someone.


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XxShidenxX XxShidenxX Mar 19, 2017
                              A -I will be blake's mate
                              C-Blake will kill me if she know's I did that
                              And B-hmmm she can look for it by herself so I guess that's neutral since she won't hate me or anything since she doesn't know so I guess I'll go with A
Sceptile799 Sceptile799 Mar 26, 2017
If I want something, I take it...Even if it means killing...
DarkOne574 DarkOne574 Mar 18, 2017
Hmmmm B, but everyone always chooses the good guy answers.....
Jason12346 Jason12346 May 04, 2017
Did u repeat the first sentence with the one before this one on purpose?
DDVengelis DDVengelis Jul 14, 2017
The name of the "plastic slab" which most likely isn't plastic (unless he's using a child's sword) is called the sword's hilt.
XxShidenxX XxShidenxX Mar 27, 2017
So were planning to be blake's crush or just planning to get close to her so she can introduce us to her friends and make 1 of her friends fall in love with us?Also we should never pick the part where you'll become a pervert unless its a life or death situations