My Step-Brother's Dirty Secret (BoyxBoy)

My Step-Brother's Dirty Secret (BoyxBoy)

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Suspicious_Minds By Suspicious_Minds Completed

Sixteen year-old Chris Devero had no idea the nightmare he was about to enter once he moved into his new home with his mother. He liked his new step dad, Mark, and his step-brother Pablo. However, Chris was terrified of his second step-brother, Royce. 

Royce was the definition of perfection for Chris but the problem was that Royce hated him and wanted nothing to do with the shy sixteen year-old boy. 

Chris wanted to hate Royce and his bullying ways, but he just couldn't. Chris knows it's wrong to like his new step-brother, so he tries to hide his feelings with fear that his new family would find him disgusting.

Until days and weeks pass by and Chris slowly starts to realize there is something sinister Royce is hiding that only he seems to notice...

*Amazing cover photo done by Healer12*

  • boyxboy
  • brothers
  • bully
  • love
  • mystery
  • romance
  • shortstory
  • stepbrother
Emmy203 Emmy203 Oct 04
If I was the mom I would’ve slapped him so hard he could see a whole other universe and then tell him to say thank you for breakfast
Legit the worst punishment to give to a kid who stays in his room the whole time. At least take his eletronics dude
*touches, pokes and slaps you instead * bitch you were saying?
xiuwenh xiuwenh Sep 30
Fokin hell I thought u said no talking bitch fight me sibsiabak
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