Playing with fire and ice   {ice x reader x fire}  (yandere)

Playing with fire and ice {ice x reader x fire} (yandere)

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Nerdyreader 3114 By nerdyreader3114 Updated Oct 23, 2016

You are friends with the twins fire and ice.You always question why they were called that.Fire was..well a little stupid and didn't think of his actions,but was a social butterfly and was very brave.Ice was more smarter that fire and always knew what to do when a problem occurred.He mainly liked to be alone with you are by himself,and wasn't as brave as his brother.

Though they had their differences they had one thing in common.....

They both like you!

Who will you choose?!

Since there is basically NO iceiplier or fireiplier stories on this lovely app/website I decided to make one! Hope you all like!

Oh one more thing there is yandere so if you do not want any bloody stuff then you might not want to read..ENJOY!

~Nerdyreader 3114

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MoOn_LiGhT_dEmOn MoOn_LiGhT_dEmOn 2 days ago
First chapter and I'M LOVING IT!!! I can fully relate to ice... #gravityfalls4life
I laughed out loud because of this, I'm kind of glad it's ended because now everyone can shut up about razzle dazzle dorito over there
Did u just assume my gender?!? *TRIGGERED*
                              (Dat was a joke °^°)
ShrubbyMemes ShrubbyMemes Nov 15, 2016
First Gravity Falls, then Eddsworld, the Harambe, NOW AMERICA!
*sniff* why d-did gravity *sniff* falls h-have to *sniff* end 😭😭😭
PhoenixRandomFandomz PhoenixRandomFandomz Dec 02, 2016
                              Me and my friend natalie who brb LOVES Gravity falls: WWWWHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYY!!!!!! WHY DID IT HAVE TO END!!!!!!