Their Little A.R.M.Y (Reader X BTS Fanfic) EDITING

Their Little A.R.M.Y (Reader X BTS Fanfic) EDITING

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Tae Bae Slays By thelostonesechos Updated Jul 04

You have been supporting BTS since the day they debuted and ever since then you have tried to find ways to make yourself a "better A.R.M.Y". You took the time to learn the dances and the lyrics to practically all their songs. You did everything possible to get your friends to become an A.R.M.Y and successfully getting your best friend to become an A.R.M.Y with you. You both watch their live performances, their bombs, and any TV programs that they make appearances on. It has been your dream to meet the people that inspire you the most. Until one day you do... Find out what happens in "Their Little A.R.M.Y".

#792 in fanfiction 4/5/17

Started: March 2016
Ended: (Who knows)

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Lol. While this song goes on, the song 'I need u' is playing.
I love sleeping but the earliest time I fall asleep at is 2am ; u ;
E-wha-bsheuhfkdk , what you mean own world? , i live in my worllddd~ , i’m a goddesssss offff clumsiness!!!! , LEAVEEE MEE ALONE ALONEEEEEE!
Sorry my mom told me not to pay attention to idiots that aren't BTS
hoseok6476 hoseok6476 Jul 05
Me I swear me and one of my friends stayed up all night just for it
Ya it’s unnie I actually am the maknae in my fam I have 2 unnies and 3 oppas