Their Little A.R.M.Y (Reader X BTS Fanfic)

Their Little A.R.M.Y (Reader X BTS Fanfic)

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Tae Bae Slays By thelostonesechos Updated Jul 30, 2017

You have been supporting BTS since the day they debuted and ever since then you have tried to find ways to make yourself a "better A.R.M.Y". You took the time to learn the dances and the lyrics to practically all their songs. You did everything possible to get your friends to become an A.R.M.Y and successfully getting your best friend to become an A.R.M.Y with you. You both watch their live performances, their bombs, and any TV programs that they make appearances on. It has been your dream to meet the people that inspire you the most. Until one day you do... Find out what happens in "Their Little A.R.M.Y".

#792 in fanfiction 4/5/17

Started: March 2016
Ended: (Who knows)

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OhHaleNoStiles OhHaleNoStiles Dec 05, 2017
Why did I read that as horny?
                              I NEED JESUS
kay398 kay398 Nov 12, 2017
How weak I could stay up for 2 days straight without no coffee now imagine what I could do with it
JayLovesTheMoon JayLovesTheMoon Jul 31, 2017
I can speak. Out of all these flavors and your personality still is salty. Maybe you should try being sweet. :3
Snoweytoes Snoweytoes Sep 22, 2017
I can speak. My mother just taught me that if I don't have anything nice to say don't say it
Yoongi_030993 Yoongi_030993 Aug 22, 2017
Im warning u ur going to cry,be shocked and be excited at the same time😂
VictuuriTheBestShip VictuuriTheBestShip Aug 18, 2017
At least I have a REAL, pretty body.
                              Unlike you.
                              I also have 7 fabulous, handsome boys in the future.
                              You have none