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Perk By _autophile_ Updated Jun 23, 2017

[ mature content ]

Sierra is a girl just like all the other girls. She is sweet, honest, caring, and nice, but feisty too.

Jacob is the bad and popular boy of school. He starts college with Sierra. He is mean, rube, ruthless, and cold. He is warm hearted first but then turns cold hearted. He has his own reasons. 

She is starting college in about 6 weeks,but the problem is that she has to find a place to stay as in a dorm room, but there are no rooms available but one, which a guy is already living in. Sierra needs to live with a guy, Jacob. It's really not a problem because she has bigger problems already, so she agrees to stay with him. 

What are the problems? Why would she just agree to live with him? What will happened is they found out the bitter truth about each other? Will they start getting feelings for each other? Or will they develop pure hatred?

They always say opposite do attract...!


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