Wheelchair (Hetalia, HongIce)

Wheelchair (Hetalia, HongIce)

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Magic Mike By TheSeerOfDoom Updated May 26, 2016

Emil Steilsson has been in a wheelchair nearly all his life, and has been homeschooled due to this. However, with his parents having passed on and his brother wishing to continue his education, Emil now begins his first year of high school.

Bullies, scary girls, cares-way-too-much-Lukas and a sassy Cantonese boy are what awaits him.

Now, Leon Wang is giving him the time of his life, being his first ever--should he say it?--friend.

((HongIce, DenNor, SuFin, PruCan, UsUk, GiriPan, SpaMano, GerIta, RoChu, HunBel, BelaLiech. Cover by @AngelFreakShow))

Fabulous_x10 Fabulous_x10 Aug 25, 2016
On Top of the World LITERALLY sounds like it was made for Hetalia. And guess who wrote it? IM-AG-INE DRA-GONS. BAM MIND BLOWN KID.
Selixi Selixi Aug 09, 2016
YES PLEASE! My favorites are Fairytale, Suomi, and Europe's Skies.
maggieeh_ maggieeh_ Jun 06, 2016
This teacher mixed with the other one would be me as a teacher
_APieceOfHamiltrash_ _APieceOfHamiltrash_ Aug 06, 2016
I FUDGING LOVE ALEXANDER RYBAK! I hope it's Europe's skies, or first kiss, or fairytale
ScreamoMexicans ScreamoMexicans May 30, 2016
Email? I thought his name was Emil. 
                                "Hello there email, we need you email so we can send you emails about updates at our schools, okay email?"
- - Jun 03, 2016
Is this what middle/high school is like? I'm home schooled, only reason ife ever been in a middle school was to go to an art class. Even then the kids were scary. T-T