Shinigami Master

Shinigami Master

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Jesus Is My Hero By DefendTheUndefended Updated May 31

[Crossover: Bleach/Fairy Tail, I don't own Bleach or Fairy Tail]

Ichigo, after being abandoned by his nakama, after using Mugetsu and defeating Aizen feels rejected.

He kept several secrets from them, he knows that maybe he shouldn't have but he could never bring himself to tell them, one of them was that his mother, before she died, had taught him how to use the quincy abilities.

 She had a special ability as well that was passed on to him. The second secret that he currently hid was that he hadn't lost his abilities or Zanpokuto spirits.Urahara and Zangetsu told him to act like he did. Because with the power he had, even after Mugetsu drained alot of it, they would be scared of him and gate him. Because they wouldn't be able to control him.Seeing his weilders pain and depression, Zangetsu wishes for a way to help his weilder.

 And he just may possibility get it.

Writers_Mom Writers_Mom Jun 04
Do you mean "wore"? Because the word you wrote doesn't mean what I think you mean.
Mizuha-chan Mizuha-chan Sep 28
um ithink ichigo's atk would sound better as 'nigh dragon's roar' but other than that it was a nice chapter ^^
BEcause Ichigo :) you are special, accept it and be happy lol