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You Matter To Me {Azusa X Reader} {COMPLETED}

You Matter To Me {Azusa X Reader} {COMPLETED}

22.3K Reads 923 Votes 45 Part Story
KanatoSakamaki17 By Carnato Completed

{Cover doesn't belong to me unfortunately} 
  You always loved Azusa, even from a distance. What happens when he walks you home? He kisses you! You and him have been dating ever since. 
  What happens when your long lost brother, comes back? What happens when your best friend, confesses to you? It gets complicated!
  To Be to find out for more information!

XxJeffersonLukexX XxJeffersonLukexX Aug 18, 2016
My turn? 
                              My brother and sister is annoying as fuk ( I'm a middle child )
                              And my parents wont stop yelling at me for no reasons
tallyyoungblood2002 tallyyoungblood2002 Dec 23, 2016
QueenSakamaki QueenSakamaki Sep 16, 2016
My parents yell at me bc I'm always on my phone reading Wattpad and listening to music in the dark in my room, my siblings well I hate them and they call me emo. Oh and I'm the last child's. That's pretty much it...
Im actually confused .She wanted to be more than friends now she is surprised that he kissed her...Wut the fcuk
RebelHostage7225 RebelHostage7225 Dec 26, 2016
When your crush likes you back. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ ⊙u⊙
_AnimeConfirmed_ _AnimeConfirmed_ Oct 10, 2016
My siblings r lil shits and my parents get mad beacuse i listen to my music too loud and shut myself out from everybody 🙃