Papa Don't Preach! (On Hold)

Papa Don't Preach! (On Hold)

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Cookie Moretti  >:D By xxWhoAteMyCookiexx Updated Nov 13, 2011

Their eyes had met from across the crowded room, music blaring in the background. Sparks flew, passion flared and it took one single night in the heat of the moment to wreck 17 year old Rachel Warner's life. She's pregnant with Jason Reinhardt's child, the school's imfamous bad boy but what if the rumors weren't completely true? What if Jason wasn't completely bad? And what happens when she wants to keep her baby?

Jason Reinhardt hates his family, who had ruined his mother's health due to their cruelty just because his mother had been the maid of the Reinhardt family before his wealthy father married her. Once his mother died, Jason left to live on his own, forsaking his inheritence and vowing to never ask for his fathers help for anything but then Rachel and their baby suddenly steps into the picture. He remembers their wreckless night of passion and by the innocence he's seen in Rachel's eyes, he knows he's the father.

Her warm presence, her laughter and stubbornness touches a place in his heart that he didn't even realize he had. And she's given him something he's always wanted. A family. But will their new found "family" survive the trails of life? Will their bond break or grow stronger? Only time will tell.

And what does their fathers have to say about all this?

There are also side stories of Rachel's friends Nancy and Dana.

Tough girl Nancy Griffin is trying to fend off charming British hunk Gerard Hemmingway's advances...will she risk giving her heart out to him?

And Dana is having a "forbidden" relationship that even her 2 best friends don't know will their reactions be when they do find out?

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